So far this week has not been nearly as productive as I would have liked. I had multiple goals:

1. Work out everyday at 6 am.

2. Call 3 different area painters an get quotes of the cost to finish some detail areas in my home

3. Call the eye doctor and make an appointment (I just need an update to my prescription).

4. Buy Curtains. (A year and a half is the amount of time I’ve live in my home with no curtains… yikes.)

Number one is by far the worst failure. Starting Saturday evening we were in a “winter vortex” and my two excuses are that a) it has been far too frigid to go anywhere that isn’t absolutely necessary. b) I got a horrible cold Monday night that I haven’t quite shook yet. So instead of beating myself up- I’m just going to start the same goal again for next week. I honestly really enjoy working out- so getting my butt out of bed and out into the cold is really the main battle. And I will conquer!!


Number two.. This story is a little bit more in dept.. Monday and Tuesday Drew (my boyfriend) and I had plans to travel to Chicago and this was our Christmas present for one another. Like I mentioned before; we were in a winter vortex; so that was just out of the question. Instead we stayed in, went to a friends’ house- nothing exciting. My idea then sparked to pay for painters with the money that I would have spent in the city. And again- I blame my cold on this. Every moment that I’ve been home I’ve been curled up in blankets watching Law and Order: SVU, or sleeping. But there is still time! I can do this today: boom.


Number three: CHECK! They don’t have an opening until the 23rd; holy wow. My eyeballz aint gon’ make it!


 Number four: Haaalf done. I picked curtains out- which sounds easy; but I tell you it is the HARDEST thing by far that I have had to pick out for my house. Here are the ones that I’ve chose! And I’m going to layer them like this with some panels that are close to my wall color; which is a dark eggplant. I’ll post photos of that as soon as they arrive. 


Other than that; being sick has pretty much taken over my week; I did get to meet with a local business man and mentor and share with him my business plan and ideas and that went very well! But more on that later; I think it deserves a post of it’s own!



Welcome to Little Bird Lists.

I am a 22 year old college Senior, and I love making plans and setting goals, and turning them into lists of things to get done. I wanted to create a place to share these ideas. I also want a place that I can look back at and reflect on how my ideas change and evolve. I have high hopes that this will not only be a creative outlet for myself; but also a place that others can draw inspiration from.

If I had to nail down some specifics- this blog will probably be a lot of:

1. Business chatter. I am in school for Entrepreneurship and am constantly coming up with new businesses that I want to open. Hopefully I can share some tips with all of you on how to be a successful entrepreneur and to do what makes you happy.

2. Design. I’m a lush for home design and makeovers; I’m constantly changing things in my home and would love to have a place to share that and get some feedback.

3. Fitness. I am currently on a new lifestyle journey trying to become healthy and fit. So I think sharing my struggles/successes on here will be… interesting.

4. Travel. I have currently only traveled within the United States, but I’m constantly planning impossible trips and would love to share some of my secrets to planning a good adventure.

Oh goodness- my first list. Go figure. I love coming up with new ideas and can’t wait to share them with you. Thanks!!